Customer Survey

Each year, JCSUD distributes an Annual Customer Survey. This input is an integral part of JCSUD's ongoing efforts to identify and respond to our customers. The survey results are compiled and utilized to assist the District during our annual budget planning process.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Johnson County Special Utility District (JCSUD) would like your opinion on how well we deliver our services to you so we can better serve the needs of all our customers. Your input is an important part of JCSUD’s ongoing efforts to identify and respond to your concerns.

Customer Survey


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    1. What is your age?*
    2. Gender?*
    3. Which of the following describes your home?*
    4. How many people reside in your household?*
    5. Do you own or rent?*
    6. How many years have you been a customer?*