What areas of JCSUD will receive the new logo?

We will be implementing the logo in all aspects of our visual identity, from our website to the new billing system and the look of our team members working in the community to the vehicles and equipment they use to do their jobs. While our history runs deep, how you view us - both today and in the future - is important.

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1. Why did you change the JCSUD logo?
2. Does the new logo signal a change of owners, new management or both?
3. What areas of JCSUD will receive the new logo?
4. Does this new, “modern” logo mean a change in JCSUD’s commitment to my community?
5. Will this change in your identity mean an increase in my water rate?
6. When will we see the change in logo?
7. Utilities throughout Texas were overwhelmed by February’s dramatic weather. Does the change of your logo have any connection to these events across our state?
8. The new logo looks a lot like the old logo. Isn’t this a lot of excitement about a fairly small change?
9. How do you say JCSUD?