How will I receive my new account number?

You will see your new account number on JCSUD bills sent after August 26th.

You will be able to set up your new payment profile for Auto Pay, Online Bill Payment, or Pay-by-Text on September 8th. You will be able to immediately begin using your new account number when paying by mail, phone, or in-person at our office in Joshua.

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1. Why was it necessary to change the Johnson County Special Utility District (JCSUD) bill payment system and account numbers?
2. When will these changes take place?
3. Why do we need to have a new account number to be placed on the new system?
4. Does this need for a new account number involve all JCSUD customers?
5. Do I need to do anything to create the new account number?
6. How will I receive my new account number?
7. If I pay my bill by mail, by phone or in-person at JCSUD, will I need to establish a new payment profile?
8. Once I have the new account number, what do I need to do to change over or start my JCSUD Auto Pay, Online Bill Payment or Pay-by-Text?
9. Why did I receive two emails about my JCSUD bill?
10. If I don’t set up a new payment profile, will my water service be stopped?
11. If I have questions about any of this, where can I turn for assistance?