Notice to All Water Customers about CareFlite Services

As you probably know, CareFlite (a non-profit company) provides high quality ground and air ambulance transport services in North Texas. Now JCSUD and CareFlite have partnered together to allow all customers of the water system to become members of CareFlite for $1 per month. Everyone who is related and lives in the household is covered.

CareFlite also operates 911/EMS (emergency management service) in the counties of Balch Springs, Ellis County ESD #5, Hill County ESD #2, Kaufman County, and the unincorporated areas of Southeast Dallas County. It is the oldest joint-use air medical program in the United States and will celebrate 40 years of service in 2019. In Johnson County alone (est. population 150,000) over the last five years, CareFlite has transported 35,869 patients by air and ground ambulance (excluding Keene and a part of Burleson); that translates to about a 1 in 4 chance of needing ambulatory service over a 5 year period.

The District’s contract with CareFlite was approved by the Board of Directors on February 19, 2013. The program took effect on May 1, 2013.

As part of the agreement with CareFlite, the District will add $1.00 to each monthly water bill to provide a Caring-Heart Membership for each resident or household. Apartment complexes or multi-resident facilities will be charged $1 per unit. The Caring-Heart Membership protects your entire household against the out of pocket expenses of a CareFlite ground or air ambulance transport. If you have insurance, you will not receive a balance bill. If you have no insurance, you will automatically receive a 50% discount from CareFlite. By law, anyone in your household who receives Medicaid cannot be a member. Complete details and program rules are available at Customers will see information on the monthly billing statement about the voluntary program.

Statistics show in previous CareFlite partnerships with cities, counties, and other public water suppliers, an overwhelming majority of customers/citizens (about 90%) recognize the great value-benefit in this opportunity to have such low-cost financial protection for their family. Another item that supports the ideals of affording opportunity to the whole of the District is its CareShare program. It too is voluntary and lends a helping hand to the most destitute among us. It has been operating for almost four years with an 8¢ line item included on the monthly bill. This effective benevolence program operates with no budget expense since collections and accounting is automated. CareShare went into operation with the same “opt-out” method. Today about 90% of the JCSUD customer domain participates in this worthwhile endeavor.

The District had its customers’ best interest at heart to engage in Careflite so that you and your family do not miss out on one minute of coverage that this cost-effective protection plan provides. However, anyone who does not wish to be included can readily opt out at any time by informing the District. To opt out, click the following link OPT-OUT FORM (the form works best for confirmation) or call our office at your convenience.

If we can address concerns about this program, please contact JCSUD at (817) 760-5200 or Email: For questions about CareFlite and the Caring-Heart Membership program, call the CareFlite Member Services at (877) 339-2273 or (972) 339-4220 during weekday business hours.

More information is available at In all emergencies, dial 911.