Cross-Connections & Backflow Prevention Program

JCSUD Customer Service Inspection
(State Requirement)

CSI Survey

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PURPOSE: a Customer Service Inspection (CSI) is required because Johnson County Special Utility District is responsible for protecting the drinking water supply from contamination or pollution which could result from improper private water distribution system construction or configuration. The CSI is an examination of the customer’s private water distribution facilities for the purpose of providing or denying water service. This inspection is limited to the identification and prevention of cross-connections, potential contaminant hazards, and illegal lead materials. The state requires the utility to enforce these restrictions to ensure the public health and welfare.


Urgent Message, Please READ:

Dear JCSUD Customer:

All water utilities including Johnson County Special Utility District is required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”) to obtain a completed Customer Service Inspection (CSI) Certificate before designating and transferring the account to “permanent” status for continuous water service.

The Customer Service Certification requires an on-site inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to assure the protection for the potable water system from potential contamination from the customer’s side of the meter (It can happen, it does happen). The inspection is not a plumbing inspection of the private water distribution system. It does not nullify the customer’s responsibility to install and maintain all plumbing in accordance with approved local, state and national plumbing codes.

The customer may utilize a licensed plumber with a water supply protection specialist (WSPS) endorsement or a certified water operator with a customer service inspection (CSI) license to conduct the inspection and complete the form. The customer is welcome to contact the District office which maintains a list of approved CSI inspectors.

At the time of application for service, the applicant signed a service agreement acknowledging the responsibility to conduct an on-site inspection. The original applicant may have been a developer, builder, renter, or homeowner. Regardless of who may have signed the original service agreement, the on-site inspection requirement is mandatory. The TCEQ requires that JCSUD obtain the CSI Certificate. Absent the certificate, water service is designated as “temporary” and is subject to disconnection. Transferring the account over to continuous service on a permanent basis is contingent on full compliance with the District Service Policy and/or terms/conditions as stipulated in the Service Application and Agreement Form.

Additional Information:

Date of CSI Survey __________________

Last Date for Inspection & Required Compliance _____________________

CSI Inspection Fee: $75; can be assessed to the customer’s account.

Please don’t risk service disconnect. Call the office soonest for more explanation or to make an appointment for an on-site inspection. Call Tish at 817-760-5208. You may use the “Contact Us” feature on the JCSUD website to send an e-mail message stating your contact information including a current phone number and the best time to contact you for arranging an appointment.

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