FAQ's about New JCSUD Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the JCSUD logo?

While we've been around since 1965, we've changed much of how we served you and your neighbors during those 56 years.  Many customers have told us that we've been easy to be seen as part of Johnson County government, and our old look didn't reflect the forward-looking direction of our board and the staff who work for you every day.  The new logo delivers a fresh view of JCSUD as an important part of the lives of our customers.

Does the new logo signal a change of owners, new management or both?

Our ownership is unchanged, but the board welcomed Pete Kampfer as our new general manager last year and, since then, we've added several new professionals to our team and made a number of other changes to enhance our service and value to you.  Our new, contemporary logo reinforces our enhanced focus on people - both customers and our own team - and on principles and process that drive our commitment to quality in all we do.

What areas of JCSUD will receive the new logo?

We will be implementing the logo in all aspects of our visual identity, from our website to the new billing system and the look of our team members working in the community to the vehicles and equipment they use to do their jobs.  While our history runs deep, how you view us - both today and in the future - is important.

Does this new, “modern” logo mean a change in JCSUD’s commitment to my community?

Absolutely not.  The team here last week, last month and last year are who we are today and tomorrow.  Providing safe, reliable water at a reasonable rate to all our customers is an important part of what makes the communities we serve strong and sustainable.  Additionally, most JCSUD employees live within our service area and contribute in other ways to their hometowns.

Will this change in your identity mean an increase in my water rate?

No.  The cost of updating our visual image is a customary, planned administrative expense and represents a very small portion of the overall budget needed to serve you and other JCSUD customers.  The change will have no impact on your water rate.

When will we see the change in logo?

Some updates, such as its display of our logo on customer bills, payments, the web and other electronic platforms, will occur quickly.  In other areas, such as vehicle badging and employee clothing, the change will be phased in during the coming months.  Our goal is to convert to the new brand in as efficient and effective manner as possible.

Utilities throughout Texas were overwhelmed by February’s dramatic weather. Does the change of your logo have any connection to these events across our state?

One of the best measures of a company's values is how they respond to a crisis.  The 24-hour a day work of our teams in the field across several days and the countless evidence of support for these efforts by our customers and communities enabled us to respond quickly with purpose.  We believe this strength and resilience at our core comes across more clearly in the strong lines of our new logo.

The new logo looks a lot like the old logo. Isn’t this a lot of excitement about a fairly small change?

We think the new logo accomplishes several goals important to us.  The windmill and inclusion of our official name maintains connection to our heritage, but the strong prominent featuring of the JCSUD acronym communicates a simple reference to your water resourse and differentiates us from the completely separate Johnson County government organization.  We think the logo creates a nice blend of history and future.

How do you say JCSUD?

It's pronounced Jay-Cee-Sud.